The Island PART 5

Photo by Gabriel on Unsplash

The Island


Sean Mcbride



Steve and Vicky walked up to the second floor with their map in hand.

“It’s barren up here,” Steve said looking through the lens of his camera at the empty stone walkway.  It was a decrepit aerial stone walkway, forty feet above the ground, connecting the hospital to the annex cell block, where they’d be placing their first censor.  The walkway was sixty feet long and open to the air with only a stone awning for cover and waist-high stone walls on either side.  There were many spots where the stone had broken apart and the walls had collapsed to the ground.  Thus far in their exploration of the hospital, the broken stone and mold growing in its grout were the only things of note they had seen so far.

“Yeah…wait, oooh, creepy!  Look at that,” Vicky pointed and Steve followed in the viewfinder.  There was a pile of small ceramic dolls in front of the old wooden door connecting the walkway to the cell block.

Steve watched in the viewfinder as Vicky approached them.  There were at least a dozen, piled up to nearly two feet.  Vicky leaned down and picked one up.  She began to speak, but Steve noticed movement in the pile so he never took the viewfinder from it.

“I wonder how old this is.  The face is painted on and it’s real ceramic…”  She paused, but Steve kept the camera on the pile.  It had begun shifting and the dolls began to slide down as if something were coming up from underneath.

Something hit Steve in the shoulder.  Steve swore and dropped the camera from his face, spinning and wiping at his shoulder frantically, visions of dolls jumping at him.

“You’re such a scaredy-cat!”  Vicky laughed and turned to go into the wooden door.

“Goddamn, it Vicky!  Can you be serious for just one second?  I thought I saw something!”  Steve said and pointed down at the pile of dolls.

Vicky rolled her eyes and looked down at the pile.  She shrugged and frowned, “I don’t see anything.”

Steve looked down at the pile and saw that it looked the same.  No dolls had slid down.  It was still the same pile, other than the one Vicky threw at him.

“You’re losing it, man,” Vicky said smiling.  “And we haven’t even lit the joint yet!”

Steve ignored her and put the camera back to his face. He angled it to the dolls to get one more shot before going into the door.  The pile of dolls was moving again as if something were going to erupt from within.  There was also movement in the periphery of the camera.

“Vicky!”  Steve said swinging the camera around trying to find what was moving around them on the small walkway.  “Look at the pile!”

“What?”  Vicky said. “What are you blabbing on about?”

Steve whipped back and forth searching.  He saw more movement at the edge of the viewfinder, but he could never get focus on it.

“Wait!  Do you hear that Steve?”  Vicky said. “Sounds like a girl crying.”

“Yeah, I do,”  Steve said almost as an afterthought.  He put the camera focus back on the pile of dolls.  The dolls rolled from the middle of the pile to the stone walkway, their eyes opening and closing as they rolled.  “Look at the dolls,”  Steve said trying to catch his breath.

“Who cares about the dolls, Steve?  Listen!  It sounds like a little girl crying!”  Vicky had excitement edging into her voice.

Steve broke his eye away from the camera and looked at the pile of dolls.  They looked just like they had when they first walked onto them, not a single doll was displaced.  He could hear the girl crying.

“Mamman!  Mamman!” 

“Holy crap Steve she’s crying for her mommy!”  Vicky said with excitement.  Steve put the viewfinder back to his face.  A small girl stood in front of him, her body half burned away, her eyes gaping holes and her jaw missing.  She was holding onto Steve’s shirt.

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