The Island PART 3

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The Island


Sean Mcbride



“Alright everyone I’m going to lay out some basic rules,” Stanger said once he had gathered them.  “And Vicky, I expect you to follow them this time,” Heinrich said.

“I will, I will.  Geeze, one time you sneak off for a joint and you never live it down!”  Victoria laughed and jabbed at Steve.

“That’s right, you never live it down.  There’s a possibility of danger here.  We all know that’s because of the age and decrepitude of the island, not because of the alleged ghosts present, but I swear if you sneak off again this will be the last expedition you go on Vicky.”

“Got it, boss,” She said, nodding and crossing her arms in mock seriousness.

Heinrich turned to Steve, slightly exasperated.  “Steve, she’s your charge.  You two will place the four stationary recording systems.  Remember that the institute here on the island is old and there will be areas where the building itself is rotten.  I will be very disappointed if someone falls through the floor.  Even more disappointed if the equipment does.”

“You can count on us sir,” Steve said, periodically taking notes in his Moleskine.  Vicky rolled her eyes at Steve and sat on the rubber-coated railing of the boat to get a better look at the bones swaying in the waves.

“Four locations.  The first is called the cell block,” Marie suddenly appeared.  Her tone indicating impatience with the other female in the group.  “That is where the patients of the doctor were held.  They say their moans still echo in those halls.”

Steve grimaced as he furiously took notes and Vicky rolled her eyes again.

“The second is the basement of the hospital.  This is the burial ground for the patients.  The cemetery on the grounds was for the staff only and a few, shall we say, preferential patients.”

“I anticipate this area giving us some of the best readings,” Heinrich interrupted.  “Soapstone holds energies better than any other bedrock, so the readings there should be the strongest.”

“You mean we might actually be able to hear or see something?  Miracle of miracles!”  Vicky said.

“Vicky, we’re in the business of debunking.  This isn’t some thrill ride.  It’s a scientific expedition,” Steve said resting his pen on his impeccable notes in the Moleskine.

“Steve, I think you have some brown stuff on your nose,” Vicky retorted.

“You know Vicky…” Steve began

“ENOUGH,” Heinrich growled.  “I’ll be listening in and I will doc pay from both of you if you insist on continuing this bickering feud,” he gestured to Marie.  “This woman is paying you, now give her the respect she deserves or we’ll end this expedition and I’ll find a new videographer and technician.”

“Ok, Ok!  Jesus!”  Vicky said holding up her hands.

Steve grimaced at Vicky, but Heinrich ignored her and motioned Marie to continue.  Marie looked concerned and wrung her hands.  She looked at Heinrich perturbed, nevertheless, she continued.

“The third is the field by the shore.  This is where bodies were burned during plague times.  People say you can still hear ghosts screaming as they burn,” Marie turned to Heinrich and he nodded gravely.

“This should be another good place for readings.  This is obviously an area of high energy considering how many people died here.  Though I anticipate we’ll still get better readings from the basement because of the soapstone conductivity,” Steve was nodding and Vicky was staring out at the island.  Neither said anything so Heinrich nodded at Marie to continue.

“The last is the bell tower.  I think you know the significance of this location.”

“Right.  Where doctor death did his experiments and offed himself.  We’ve been over this stuff,” Vicky said, doing nothing to hide her exasperation.

“I appreciate your gumption for action Vicky, but we need to make sure that everything goes well for Miss Arbetrout.  This island may be renovated for an attraction, with Stanger Investigations attached to it.  That is if we find what we think we’re going to find.  We need to set up these locations quickly and take the appropriate readings so we can make a quick assessment and let Miss Arbetrout go forward with her plans,” Heinrich instructed.

“We won’t let you down boss,” Steve said.  Vicky rolled her eyes but didn’t say anything.

“Please be careful on the island.  Many people have been injured here and that makes me worry,” Marie said, wringing her hands.

Heinrich nodded. “Record your movements, Steve.  If you catch something while you’re on the move, announce it and I might be able to make some preliminary assessments.  Questions?”

Steve and Vicky shook their heads.  Marie looked up to the bell tower and shivered.  She was suddenly sure they were being watched.

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