Remember that you must die PART FIVE

Remember that you must die PART FIVE


Roman Scott

May 7th. I told Louis about my dream and the sleepwalking. It has been days since my last entry. There is an unfortunate reason for that. Louis had an accident. We had gone to sleep on May fourth in the Airbnb for the night. I slept like a baby without dreams and I didn’t sleepwalk. I was awakened by a loud thump. It took me a second but Louis had fallen out of bed. There was blood all over his side of the bed. I looked over the edge of the bed. Louis was lying in a pool of blood, his hands were around his throat trying to keep blood from flowing out. I shrieked. I went to him. But I couldn’t help him. “Call the police!” I screamed. I grabbed his phone off the nightstand and dialed 911 and put it on speakerphone. I wrapped my hands around Louis’s and applied more pressure. He was staring in my eyes. I was trying to keep from crying. Someone answered on the line. I told them the circumstance. I was calm because I didn’t want Louis to die.

He would survive. They told me later the front door was wide open. Because of that, we thought maybe someone had come in and slashed Louis. They found Louis bloody straight razor and only his fingerprints were on it. Louis had slashed himself. While he was dreaming. I had no dreams. Louis had attempted to get rid of the coin. Maybe that had nothing to do with it. He told me later that he dreamed of himself doing it and he awoke with his throat gushing blood. Louis is not suicidal, this is incomprehensible. As soon as Louis is healthy enough for travel we are going home.

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