Remember that you must die PART FOUR

Photo by Brennan Burling on Unsplash

Remember you must die PART FOUR


Roman Scott

May 4th, Louis is my superb mate. He is rarely forceful. He’s not an A personality, he’s silently strong. Deeply in touch with his emotions. Before our day started he sat me down and he asked me to get rid of the coin. He did not believe that the coin was the cause of the subtle change in the mood of the vacation. I explained to him that even if I had not seen the coin, the painting still would have been there. He couldn’t explain it, he said it made him uneasy. I wanted to keep the coin but he was right. He stacked the circumstances. The painting of my double in the museum, the coin itself, meeting a flesh and blood double, that Louis couldn’t tell wasn’t his own wife. Louis doesn’t believe in the supernatural and neither did I. But it feels wrong like we’re in over our heads. He said that he realizes that the coin could have great value. But he felt the coin was dangerous to them. This whole time he’s speaking I’m listening. I hadn’t told him the dream or the sleepwalking. Louis is my heart, he is so in tune with me. Sometimes he knows what’s wrong with me before I know myself. He just wanted to toss the coin out the front door. But we were going to the beach anyway. We agreed that we didn’t want anyone else to find it.

So that’s what we did. I cast it into the ocean as soon as we got there. The night was cool, it felt as though a weight had been lifted. When we retired to our Airbnb we came into the foyer and I gasped. There was a coin twirling on the side table. Louis slammed his hand down over it arresting its spin. Nemesis, the coin read. It was the ferryman’s coin. It wasn’t wet, Louis thought there was someone in the house. The coin had been spinning. He moved aggressively through the small house. I think deep down he knew he wouldn’t find anything. Even still we asked the owner if they had come in. He had ring cameras in the front and the back of the house. He showed us the whole tape. He saw the coin on the table. He went to touch it and I asked him not to. He was confused because I was suddenly pale. He asked me if everything was all right. I affirmed that it was.

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