Remember that you must die PART TWO

Remember that you must die


Roman Scott

May 2nd, 2017

Louis got a text from Mohamed. He had never seen a coin like it either. He asked another collector what he knew. The Man told him that the coin was a bad omen and should not exist. That it was a myth at best. There were coins which you placed over the eyes of the dead so they could be taken into the afterlife. But unlike popular culture suggests the ferryman of the dead would not except any coin. The coins that he’d except must have the profile deaths head. Memento mori printed on one side and nemesis on the other. This was one of those coins. Mohamed’s friend said he passed the story off as legend. It was ridiculous after all. Mohamed asked him if the coin had any value. He told him if it was genuine, it would be priceless. Not from the perspective of the story mind you. More because of its age and being created in the times where myths were a religion. Mohamed asked him how much he would pay for it. The Man offered five hundred thousand Euro if the coin was genuine. Mohamed asked him if he was serious. The Man asked Mohamed if making jokes was in his demeanor. Mohamed told us that he had no sense of humor. Why did he say it was a bad omen? Well, it is true that the coin directly refers to death in three ways on its two sides. Visually, in the script and the meaning nemesis, inescapable destruction. But it was priceless. If they sold it, it could change their lives.

We have a small kitchenette at our Airbnb, we caught a Lyft to whole foods. I told Louis that I would go get some vegetables and he would fetch some jugs of water. He took the basket with him. I had ginger, red bell peppers, and purple onions. I went in search of Louis. I found him in an aisle speaking with someone. A Woman about my height. I stopped midway to observe. The Woman turned her head and looked at Louis. What in God’s name? I dropped the vegetables. The Woman was my twin. I had my hand over my mouth. Louis saw me and he looked at this other woman realizing now that it wasn’t me. The girl who looked just like me was dumbfounded. Her eyes were full of fear. I told her my name was Jeanne to break the ice. She snapped out of her trance and told me her name, Rene. I started picking up the vegetables, she kneeled beside me and helped. I asked if she was my sister and she laughed. Louis told her his name and said he was sorry for the confusion. Rene told me I was beautiful. Was that vanity or genuine good humor? She asked for my number and I gave her the real one. But I didn’t want to talk to her. I was freaked out. She told me then that she was too. She put her basket to the side and left. Louis said that he had called to this woman in the store, thinking it was me. He called her Jeanne. She told him her name was Rene. He was smiling because he thought it was Jeanne playing a trick on him. Rene must have believed he was trying to pick her up. It must have felt that way. He thought she was his wife. Jesus. What was happening?

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