A Bedtime Story

A BEDTIME STORY (as told by a friend)


Vivian L. Mg

(Viewer discretion advised)

My friend met a guy from the Czech Republic while he was vacationing in our country. They fell in love very quickly and when the time came for him to return home, she decided to go back with him.

They moved into his apartment together, but he enjoyed partying so they were constantly out late at night, in bars and nightclubs.
They were at a downtown bar, far away from the apartment. There they met some friends of his and began to drink.

A couple of hours later, she got up from the table to use the ladies’ room; as she made her way back to the table, her boyfriend was whispering something into a blonde girl’s ear, she was smiling. My friend was upset, she left the bar without a word. She had taken her purse before going to the bathroom so she didn’t have to go back to the table.

She walked down the well-lit avenue, she considered that if she turned from the main street she would be in complete darkness. The golden streetlights glinted off the wet pavement. There were a slight breeze and a faint sprinkle of rain.

She walked to the nearest subway station, it was the summer season so the subway ran all night. She waited on the platform. A couple of minutes later, the train arrived and she boarded one of the empty cars.
She looked at the sign inside the car to make sure it was going in the right direction and thought (Damn I’m 10 stations away!) She sat down and shrugged.

The train stopped at the next station and three people got on, two men in black, scruffy suits, wild eyes, and tousled hair. They had a woman between them, they each held an arm. The girl, however, had no expression and her gaze looked sad and hollow.
They entered the car and even though it was completely empty (except for the presence of my friend) they took the seats right in front of her. This made her feel a bit uncomfortable so she avoided making eye contact.

The doors closed and the train took off, my friend stared at her own feet, but the macabre curiosity in front her was immense and from time to time she looked up to see the woman. The Woman had taken the middle seat and the men still guided her by the arm, while the woman kept her lips closed and her gaze fixed forward, the men behaved in a lascivious and grotesque way, passionately kissing her on her face, ears, and lips until they had completely smeared the red lipstick all over her pale face, but the woman remained motionless…

Uncomfortable she wanted to give them privacy; she started to get up discreetly but as she got up from her seat; one of the men quickly stood and cut off her path, whilst staring at her face; looked up, surprised at how fast he was, they made eye contact. His face was beaded with sweat and totally out of whack, was he on drugs? She didn’t want to show her fear, but she was terrified.

“I just want to give you your space, and I’m going to go sit somewhere else.” She said.

The man smiled at her ominously, and in doing so showed his blood-coated teeth which paralyzed my friend, the man gestured with his head indicating that she should take the seat just where she was before. She returned to the seat reluctantly, the minutes were eternal and she did not know what to do… The train was arriving at the next stop, The doors opened and vagabond came in holding an almost empty bottle of liquor in one hand and staggering a little.

The two men didn’t even look at him, but he watched them carefully and at my friend he took a look all around the car and finally, he decided to go sit beside my friend. (What in God’s name was happening) she thought.

My friend was frightened, she stared at the ground, silent tears rolled down her cheeks… The vagabond started rocking back and forth beside her, the train arrived at the next station, as soon as the doors had opened, the vagabond jumped from his seat and threw the glass bottle at the man’s face. Just as suddenly he grabbed my friend by the arm and dragged her out of the car onto the platform. The doors closed behind them and my friend screamed for help, the man told her to shut up. But she kept screaming until the vagabond said.

“Why are you screaming? You should be grateful, I just saved your life!”

My friend, stopped her screaming and asked him what he meant, the man released her arm.

“Did you not see the woman who was with those men? ” He said.

“Only briefly.” She said.

“Did she sigh as they kissed her? Did she have any expression? Did she move at all?” He said.

My friend shook her head.

“Because she was a corpse! They killed her and they would have done the same to you!” He screamed.

Terrified she ran to the stairs and left the subway station, she ran until she could not see the station anymore. She leaned against a wall and realized she had had her purse with her the entire time. She desperately looked at her cellphone, the time read 2:00 am. She noticed all the text messages and missed calls… They were from her boyfriend. She called him and asked him to pick her up; she was only three stations away from the apartment. Her boyfriend arrived about 5 minutes later and she hopped in the car without saying a word to him, she was in shock.
They got to the apartment and she was not able to fall asleep, thinking that every sound she heard and every shadow she saw were the men coming to get her, hours went by sleepless until she had a glance of the first sunlight peeping through the bedroom window and she finally was able to sleep.

Roughly two hours had passed when she was abruptly awoken by the sound of someone banging on the front door; she shook her boyfriend beside her asleep; the incessant knocking continued until her boyfriend got up and answered the door.

“Who is it?” He asked annoyed.

“The police”, a voice answered.

Her boyfriend opened the door immediately. The Two officers stood in the doorway and asked if they could come in. Her boyfriend invited them to come and sit in the living room, my friend who had heard everything had got up and washed her face and put on jeans and a T-shirt.
She went out and said “good morning” The cops looked at her.

“Did you use the N subway line, that ran from the center of the city to the east?” The first officer asked.

“Yes, but how did you know it was me? How did you know where to find me?” She asked.

“Surveillance cameras, we were able to trace you from the subway station back to the bar. After that, we simply just asked who paid for drinks. The Officer said.

One of the officers reached into the inner pocket of his raincoat and took out some polaroids, placing the stack on the coffee table. He took the first photo and showed her to my friend, it was the picture of a smiling and beautiful girl with brown hair and red lips

“Did you see this girl last night?”

“I saw someone like her but she did not smile, she did not look happy,” My friend hesitated.

“Are you ok?” The officer asked.

“She didn’t seem to be… Alive… There were two strange men with her, they were all over her.” She said flustered.

“Didn’t she seem alive? What does that mean?” The second cop asked.

My friend could not contain herself anymore, she broke into tears telling them the whole story since she left the bar. Up until her boyfriend had picked her at 2 am, terrified. While she was telling her story, the men stayed silent and taking notes but occasionally exchanging glances with each other.

“We have information, however its quite sensitive.” The first cop said.

“What happened to her?” My friend asked.

The photos were of the girl’s corpse, she was found that morning while the train was parked for maintenance and cleaning. She lay on the floor of the last car, completely naked, her body had bite marks everywhere, her breasts torn or bitten off, just like her lips, ears, and eyes had been pulverized in their sockets, sheeting her face with blood.
Her private parts had also been bitten off and parts of her inner thighs were missing. They had tied her hands up with what appeared to be her intestine…

My friend left the city that same afternoon and returned home. She never spoke to her boyfriend again.


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