Mollusca PART TWO





Roman Scott



“It’s a ghost Crab,” Cole said. The snow crab was completely translucent, they could see the flames licking up through the animal.

Katie caught something in her side vision. She turned her attention up and to her right. She stood up, alarmed.

“We need to go inside!” She said. She smacked Cole in the face, he was still knelt down.

“What?!!” He said.

They all looked, there were hundreds of jellyfish swimming down towards them. The one nearest to them was ten feet long including his tentacles. It was glowing blue-green.

“Fuck,” Jacob said.

“We need to get in the house, they are box jellyfish, if they touch you they can paralyze you,” Katie said.


They turned and ran towards the house. They ran together, Jessica was smiling, this was weird. It was no more than a hundred feet back to the house. The marine life seemed to congregate around the fire. They looked back. What in the hell was happening? They arrived in the safety of the house. They slammed the door behind them. They were watching from a large window which faces the sea. The Jellyfish were everywhere. They could see them by the fire. But a Jellyfish came down near the house. They were all looking up at the creature. It must have been five feet from the window. It was changing color, it was undulating as if it were moving through water. It was in mid-air. Jessica and Katie were recording with their phones. Cole finished off the last of his beer and tossed the can on the floor.

“No one’s going to believe us.” She said.

“I don’t believe it and I’m recording it. Katie said.

The bonfire was doing a lot for visibility. What they were seeing, wasn’t possible. It would have made a fine surrealist painting. The Snow Crab had wandered off into the night. The Jellyfish were everywhere, hundreds between them and the bonfire. But the fire failed, even still, the moonlight caught the figures moving outside. Katie saw something in the water, it moved up out of the water up and to the left. Like it was waving hello. It was huge. Water flung up. And then it pitter-pattered across the sand.

“What the fuck was that?” Cole said. Katie zoomed in on it. But it was gone in a second. But then it was back.

“It’s a tentacle,” Katie said.

Jessica was looking through her phone trying to show Jacob.

They stopped looking out the bay window. They all ran for the front door. When they opened the door. They saw maybe five hundred box jellyfish between them and the car. The motion exterior light was on. They were fucking everywhere. No. Jacob thought. Frying pan or fire? Fuck! A Jellyfish came towards the door and Jacob closed and locked it. They went back to the bay window. It was much worse, it was an Octopus, it was the color of the darkness, but you could see the moonlight shining off its wet skin. It must have been three stories tall. It was coming straight for the house. Translucent.

Jacob picked up a poker from next to the fireplace. “Arm yourselves!” Katie screamed. She dropped her phone and ran into the kitchen. She pulled a kitchen knife from off the wall. Cole followed her. He grabbed a knife as well. And a mallet made of steel. Jacob sensed the pathetic nature of their weapons. Jessica was right beside him. But there was nothing they could do. This was happening. But wasn’t there? There was a pump shotgun upstairs. He had to get to it. He knew what they had to do.

“Get in the walk-in freezer, it might not be able to get through that door. Jessica go!” Jacob said. But she didn’t move.

“I have to get the gun.” He said to Jessica.

But there was no time, the exterior light came on just outside of the bay window. The Creature’s head was turned to the left. Jacob gazed into a large black eye that was larger than himself. It was shining, great, and terrible in the bright light.

“Get in the freezer!!!” Jacob screamed at Cole and Katie. They ran for the freezer, the windows were imploding beside them. Katie deftly pulled the pin and swung the metal door wide. Cole and Katie swung the door back. At first, they were in darkness, but then the lights came on.

“Fuck me running,” Cole said. He turned around, Katie was sort of running in place. They were in a freezer after all and she was cold. She was crying. Cole came to her and kissed her. He hugged her. She hugged back. “Everything is going to be all right babe.” He said soothingly. There were a number of things the Octopus could do to get to them. Hunting for prey in a structure is natural to them, they’ve been known to open jars, flip rocks, and worst of all. Slip through holes as large as a quarter. The regular-sized ones anyway. It could get through that bay window. Maybe if it didn’t somehow know we were here. We might have a chance. They heard the sound of the center island toppling. Had it seen us? Katie thought. Likely, they have superb eyesight. Fuck me she thought. There was a thump against the door. They took a step back. There were huge loud pops. Like bubble wrap. Katie imagined what was on the other side of the door. It was a tentacle, three feet across with an astronomical strength. It was sliding up the door to get a good grip, he was adjusting his hand on the door. His tentacles were popping off the metal.

“What the fuck is that?” Cole asked.

“He saw us.” She said and hugged him harder.

“What?” Cole said confused.

“I love you Babe.” She looked in his eyes.


The door was torn off into the kitchen. It crashed into the sink and window opposite. Three tentacles flew into the freezer suddenly from either side. Katie was holding his face. The limbs slammed into them with such force they were knocked unconscious. Katie didn’t feel anything at first, but her brain was still functioning. She felt as if she was melting away. She opened her eyes and the digestive fluids instantly blinded her. Her clothes were gone and before she lost her sight, she could see she was missing her right hand. She screamed as her lips melted away.


Jacob knew Jessica wouldn’t leave his side. The bay window collapsed in on itself, glass flew at them. The tentacle came in, its sucker dilated, there were barbed hooks along the tentacle. Jacob could see through it. They ran down the hall. It sensed them, the tentacle spilled around the corner and down the hallway. It was spilling towards them like water. They ran up the steps, the steps turned, and went up further. The Tentacle kept reaching. It was super long. It stopped reaching up the steps. Jessica kept running, Jacob right behind her. He tripped and fell, but on what? He looked down. A Tentacle was caught on his ankle. The animal had come from a different angle. This was a whole different tentacle then the one that was chasing him up the steps. Jacob screamed. Jessica turned back. The tentacle slowly curled itself around his ankle. Before it could. He ripped his leg away. The barbed tentacle had been there. Jacob got up and started running, bleeding, and limping towards her. He went into the room. They slammed the door shut.

“Fuck?!!” Jessica said.

Jacob got up, he went into the walk-in closet. There was a large gun safe in there. He pressed the buttons quickly. 1-2-3-4-5. 1-2-3-4-5. The light flashed from red to green. It’s a good thing Jacob wasn’t the school shooter type.  He turned the knob, He pulled out the pump shotgun.  He was loading it and sweating. He gave her a box of ammo. He kept loading.

“We have to do something about your ankle.” She said. She ran out of the room, she was back from the bathroom. She took a large washcloth. The gash was on the inner part of his right ankle. She tied it as tightly as she could.

“Now comes the hard part.” He said.

“That wasn’t the hard part?” She said with fear in her eyes.

“We have to get back to the walk-in freezer.” He said.

“Why can’t we just stay here?” She said exasperated.

“I don’t know how strong this thing is, but it’s going to realize soon it can just reach through these walls. That reinforced steel is our best shot, between the four of us we can defend one door.” He stood up with difficulty.

He started walking and she followed. The door they came in, was starting to bow from pressure. Jacob walked passed the door and into the bathroom. The bathroom connected to a second bedroom. He walked straight in.

“We have to get to the back stairs.” He said. He opened the door quickly and silently. There were three tentacles feeling the room, one probing up the wall. The Octopus was the off-white of the walls. It had changed its color.  Fuck. Maybe if he hurt it. He could force it back long enough for them to run by. Jacob pointed the gun up toward one tentacle and fired, it squealed in pain, the sound huge in the room. He aimed and fired at the other tentacle just near the door. The house shook, there was a squeal and suddenly all three tentacles withdrew from the room simultaneously.

“RUN!!” Jacob said. He ran towards the door. He stopped suddenly, Jessica bumping into him. What they saw was a tentacle waiting just outside the door. Jacob slammed the door. The tentacle came through the door with such force it exploded. It knocked Jacob back and he hit the wall behind him. It spun Jessica around. She hit the floor. Instinctively she picked up the gun, she was still holding the shells. Jacob dazed, he crawled for the bathroom. He gained speed and they got into the bathroom. They shut the doors in both directions. They got in the tub, the tentacle flattened itself against the floor, it began to slide under. Jacob fired the shotgun. An enormous squeal was heard. Then the tentacle was pulled back under the door. The Octopus punched the door twice.  WUMP, WUMP. There was a Watermelon sized hole punched in the door. Jacob shot at it. Jessica was screaming suddenly. A large pancake sized tentacle had come from beneath the opposite door. It was lifting her off the ground. She dropped the shells in the tub. Jacob shot at the floor on the other door. As it withdrew its limb, the barbed hooks were being pulled out of Jessica’s body. Chunk, Chunk, Chunk. It was as if twelve knives were just pulled from her back. He felt blood running down her back. She was bleeding bad. But there was silence. No attack. The whole house shook. The Octopus outside mounted the house, it wrapped it great tentacles around the structure. It squeezed the structure, there was a great crack of wood and stone. It came with a wild pressure change, Jacob’s ears popped. The Octopus pulled the roof off of the house, the roof began to float away as the Octopus threw it behind its head into the air. Jacob lifted the shotgun, but the Octopus dropped all the weight of its tentacle against Jacob. The back of Jacob’s head was smashed against the tile. The creature pulled its tentacle back, but the hook had attached to Jacob’s face. It tore away the skin on the left side of his face. He screamed. The next thing he knew he was lifted up, floating above his house. The roof was torn off. Jessica beside him, floating in translucent blue-green jelly, her head was turned a little too far to the left.  Neck broke? Jacob screamed as his left eye drooped from its socket as they were placed in the Octopus’s beak-like mouth.

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