Dark Water Bay #3: The Monster Underneath the Bed

Photo by Neil Rosenstech on Unsplashneil-rosenstech-KG-9TUrAFsg-unsplash

Dark Water Bay #3: The Monster Underneath the Bed


Roman Scott


Something wasn’t right. Her husband had gotten up to see what was wrong with Shelly.

Barbara sat up in bed. A loud crash had come from her daughter’s room. Then Shelly


“GEORGE?” Barbara yelled.

Barbara jumped out of bed and ran down the hall. George didn’t answer her, however, he did scream. She had never heard her husband scream. It was alien to her ears. It frightened her. She swung the door open to her daughter’s room.

What she saw defied comprehension. At her feet was Shelly, facedown, dead on the floor. Her skull had been crushed. A pool of blood was gathering around her head. That would have been enough to drive her insane. Except, George was facing away from her. How could it be Shelly? Shelly was clutched to his back like a malignant ape. It looked like she was biting him. Wait she was, there was blood splatter gushing from his neck and shoulder. It had only been a fraction of a second since Barbara had burst into the room. George turned toward her. He looked hopeful.

“Get it off me, Barbara, please!!” He belted. He had used her whole name, he almost never did that. She noticed a couple of things. First was that George had called Shelly. “It.” It wasn’t her daughter? The thing on George’s shoulder was not happy to see her. It sensed a change in the balance of power. It looked like her daughter until the monster released George from its bite in surprise, revealing rows of hundreds of tiny sharp jagged teeth. Barbara was mesmerized for a half-second because its eyes were glowing. It sunk its teeth back into the muscle near his clavicle. He screamed. That snapped her out of it. Barbara compartmentalized, she stepped over the dead body of Shelly. She grabbed the thing by its hair, which was so much like Shelly’s. The thing was growling. She saw the claws slid into George’s shoulder. If she yanked it off it could bring a good chunk of her husband with it. He sensed her dilemma. Barbara pulled the demons’ hand back, stuck in her husband’s shoulder. Three-inch claws slid out of George.

“Just get it off, Barb!!!.” He screamed.

Barbara pulled its hair and arm with all her might. The thing did not release its bite. Instead, a large chunk of flesh and blood tore from muscle near George’s neck. There was a second snap as the monsters right claw tore blood and gore from George’s side.  George dropped to his knees and then fell face-first to the floor. Barbara pitched the thing at the wall near the foot of Shelly’s bed. It slammed into the wall and hit the floor. A couple of seconds passed. It peered over the edge of the bed… It mounted the bed and leaped at her. Barbara shrieked and dodged. She reached to grab it. Found purchase. She had caught it by the ankle in mid-air. Its head hit the floor. She swung the thing around as hard as she could. Its head collided with a bookcase and then the wall as she let go. It was dazed, face down on the floor. Barbara jumped up and crossed the room. She braced herself on the wall and stomped on its head barefoot. She stomped again. Slipped. Got up again. When she brought her foot down this time there was a crunch. But Barbara didn’t stop. She pulverized the creature’s head. At least seven times more. She leaned over and screamed in disgust.

George was moving to a sitting position. He was bleeding everywhere, trembling. Barbara kneeled next to her husband. He was bitten on his neck and shoulder. She noticed for the first time. He was missing two fingers on his left hand. He was bleeding from his abdomen.

“Thanks, Babe.” He smiled.

Barbara smiled back.

“Momma?” Shelly said from the closet. Barbara looked at her, on edge.

“It’s Shelly, Honey,” George said. He put his hand up wincing in pain.

This was her daughter. She was holding that bear, she always had it, what was its name? The little girl smelled of piss. Barbara took her in her arms. Barbara sighed. She needed to get George to the hospital. But how would she explain it? How would she explain the dead bodies of these goblins? No one could know.

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