Dark Water Bay #Two; The Monster Underneath the Bed.


Dark Water Bay #2; The Monster underneath the bed.


Roman Scott

Shelly was screaming again. Christ on a cracker. It was my turn. Barb wasn’t completely awake but she gave me a knowing glance. I got out of bed and trudged down the hall. All the while Shelly was screaming. I remember when I used to run. But I just haven’t gotten enough sleep. I was yawning when I opened the door. Shelly wouldn’t let up, she screamed. “SHHHHH!” He said.

I went to her bedside. Shelly’s hair was dark and curly. Her skin a pale white. Her eyes so brown so brown they appeared black.

“Babe, why are you screaming?” He Said. He pushed her hair back from her face. There was something unusual about her eyes.

“Daddy, Daddy, there a monster under my bed. It wants to eat me, Daddy.” She said.

“There is no Monster.” He said. She cried harder. He wiped her tears away.

“It’s ok, I’ll check underneath the Bed.” He got down and laid on his belly.  He couldn’t process what he was seeing. Shelly was underneath the bed as well. Her eyes glowed like a cat’s. What the fu- He blinked. Speechless.

“Daddy, there is a Monster IN my bed.” Shelly UNDER the bed said.

Shelly IN the bed was looking down on him from the edge of the bed. He looked up.

“Is there something down there?” She bit the comforter in fear. He hesitated.

“No.” He said. There was movement in his peripheral vision. He looked.  The Shelly IN the bed looked as well.

Another Shelly was in the closet. She stepped forward. She was holding her teddy bear, Christiane. She had wet herself. Her toes were turned inward. She said. “Daddy?” They were his daughter’s eyes. Normal. No shine.

What was happening?

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