Let’s see, I think this kid is the one. We’ve been chatting for a few days now and I have been able to learn a considerable amount of um, information about him. It’s pretty rare that I am able to get this far without the child freaking out or typing back ‘stranger danger’. But, persistence is the name of the game, a game I finally intend to come out on top of.

I met Timmy the classic way, perusing my way through online chat rooms with few regulations and no moderators to prevent me in delightful pursuits of young, supple, and willing boys. I am nothing like these perverts or predators, that’s far too crass. I have refined traits befitting a man of my social standing. I have an excellent job, a loving wife, and two beautiful daughters, but they do little to fill the void within my heart. I’m not a basement dweller who lives with their mother and gorges themselves on junk food, creeping around. I have standards to maintain, after all, I will take him under my wing and make him swoon for me. I will establish a loving relationship with him, just like the ancient Greeks did, mentor, and student bonding with their bodies. Nothing else is as beautiful as that in my opinion.

All of my previous attempts have proved futile, but Timmy, oh that dear boy, has enthralled me so. He has checked every box on the checklist for me. The way he wrote denoted an intelligence that went above his juvenile peers, and he showed great interest in the work that I do. I did not have to resort to subtle and cliche tricks of empty promises of candy, toys, or treats in order to sink my metaphorical hook into his mind. And last night, really sealed the deal for me.

He had sent a photo to me, it was almost too perfect that my wife mistook my tears of joy for sorrow. His shining blonde hair that could illuminate a room, pale, milky skin free of any blemish and those clever bright green eyes of his were too enticing for his age. I knew then and there I had to risk meeting this child and become his mentor, so to speak.

After a few brief messages, I discovered that we lived in the same neighborhood! And we were only separated by a small yet dense forest between our houses. He agreed to meet me tomorrow night at around eight in the evening so that we could establish pleasantries and hopefully, share our ‘essence’ with one another.

The only issue, however, was that my wife had wanted to go out tomorrow night for a date. The woman means well, but I could only keep up this happy charade with her for a short period of time before growing tired of her. I know for a fact this date of hers was an attempt to help bolster the fire we first had we when met, a poor thinly veiled attempt at that. Do not get me wrong, I love her and care for her but nothing can compete with the camaraderie and the solemn connection an older man can share with a boy.

Therefore, when evening came the next day I did what was necessary. I slipped a little bit of medication into a cup of tea for my wife and happily put her to bed when she ‘suddenly’ became too tired to move. Satisfied, I proudly walked out of my house and my way towards the thick forest.


I could see the old guy struggling to walk through the densely packed trees from a mile away. Compared to this nimble body of mine, I made it quite easy for the agreed-upon meeting spot with plenty of time to spare. The anticipation was killing me, it had been so long since I last had an opportunity like this, and one so easy at that.

Although, I was disappointed in the appearance of the man who called himself Mr. Todd. Over the course of our messages, he touted himself as the pinnacle of man, but from my vantage point, it was clear he heavily embellished his looks. Regardless, this needed to be done, and I put on my best happy-go-lucky smile I could and waited for him to approach.

“Oh, Timmy! It is so wonderful to finally meet you. You are…well, the photo did not do you justice. You’re even more angelic in the flesh.” Mr. Todd said, trying to contain his excitement. Disgusting. I walked up to him and hugged against his protruding stomach.

“I’m happy to meet you too Mr, Todd! I think we are going to be such great friends.” I lied. He must’ve been so overcome with the prospect of diddling a young boy that he immediately reached a hand down to grab at my nether regions.

Reflexively I grabbed his wrist and he looked down at me in shocked awe.

“T-Timmy?” He asked, confused. I then flexed my fist and snapped all the bones in his lower forearm, the pain forcing him to his knees. Before a scream could fully form in his throat, I punched his gut, winding him.

I let my fangs grow and my eyes turn red as I sunk my teeth into the side of his neck and greedily sucked up as much blood as I could from his limp, shaking body. When he regained some modicum of strength he attempted to force me off, but I simply bit harder and rapidly drained a liter or two of blood. Once full, I shoved him to the ground and not wanting to let the man die slowly like a dog in the streets. I steadied my hand, allowing my fingernails to grow sharp and slit his throat as he whimpered for mercy.

This wasn’t the greatest meal I’ve had but there is something satisfying about sucking the life force out of these perverts. I get fed and society is, better off.

God, I love the internet.

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