“We structured that scene like a horror film.”Joe and Anthony Russo about Infinity War

Joe and Anthony Russo said that Visions story in Infinity War was like a horror movie. I said to myself. I will be the judge of that! So lets break it down.
1. Immediately stabbed from behind after declaring you love for the first time.
2. Trying to tell your love to abandon you, so she won’t be brutally killed.
3. Felling relief once you are rescued by friends.
4. Telling your friends that you and something that is a part of you must be destroyed. For the good of the entire universe. But they won’t do it. Cause they love you. (BOOOO)
5. The unstoppable killers return to you in a compromising moment. You manage to defend yourself briefly. But are stabbed again. This time in the front.
6. You beg your Love to kill you. She is the only one who can do it after all. She explodes the mind stone. Killing you in the process. Giving you peace.
7. A Lavender alien bent on Genocide on a universal scale brings you back to life. Chokes you out. Snatches the mind stone from your skull. You die. Again. Your body tossed like a piece of trash.
8. The one you love is also mercilessly turned into dust.
It’s definitely horror. Lol. Nice job Russo’s

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