Sister’s PART TWO




Huitzer and Roman Scott



They were all in the waiting room. Mom had just gone in to see the doctor. Dad, Megan, and Melanie sat there waiting. Megan went to the window. There was a playground across the street. Dad was looking at a magazine. Mel was looking over his shoulder at the magazine.

“Dad, can I go?” Megan asked.

Megan’s Father looked out the window. “No.”

“Please Daddy,” Megan said. “It’s boring.”

He looked around. He closed the magazine. Megan frowned. He looked out the window.

“It is pretty boring.” He said. “Do me a favor, stay where I can see you, ok kiddo? Promise?”

“Promise.” She smiled. He put up his pinky. They crossed them.

“Promise.” He said. He sat in a chair facing the window. Megan went to the door. Mel right behind her. They went to the crosswalk. Mel held out her hand. Megan grabbed it. Their father watched Megan cross the street. Her left hand was suspended in a weird way. As if she was holding someone’s hand. He put it out of his mind and looked down at the magazine.

As they reached the playground. Megan snatched her hand away and touched her sister’s shoulder. “You’re it,” Megan said. She turned and ran. Mel smiled and gave chase. Megan jumped into the sandbox. She climbed the jungle gym. Mel right behind her. Megan jumped off to avoid her sister screaming. Mel reached for her, missed. Mel jumped down, her sister on the other end of the slide. Megan was dodging left to right. Mel was squatted down mirroring when Megan would move. Of course, Mel could just phase through the slide and catch her sister. But she wanted this to be as normal as possible. There was another family at the park.  Mel and Megan ignored them. Melanie looked up, stopped playing, slowly driving around the park, was an old Mercedes. The car had been new in the 1980s. However, it was in pristine condition. Mel could see two figures looking out.

“Catch Me,” Megan said. Mel looked at her and gave chase. Forgetting the car. The family that was there began to pick up their stuff. They left the park. The game of tag was also forgotten. The Girls were on the monkey bars. Mel stopped mid-swing. She could feel eyes on her. This was especially weird because no one could see her. She realized the eyes were on Megan. Mel dropped down and looked to her left. There it was again. The Golden Mercedes. It glided slowly past the park. It turned the corner and disappeared.

“What are you doing?” Megan said.

“We might need to go back to Dad soon,” Mel said flatly.

“We just got here,” Megan said. She walked around the jungle gym towards the swing set. She walked over to it. Sat down. She began pumping her legs to get momentum. The park had become eerily quiet. For the first time. Mel felt a chill. The Mercedes returned again, this time from another angle. Mel could see a Bald man behind the wheel. He was discreetly dressed. He was watching Megan. There was another figure beside him.

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6,” Mel said. She phased through the jungle gym, she beelined for her. Megan jumped off the swing. A door slammed. Two figures were walking briskly in their direction. But Mel kept counting. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1.” That was strange. Mel always stopped counting when Megan did as she was asked. Melanie clamped her hand around Megan’s wrist and she ran. Megan ran too, smiling. Not knowing why. Megan heard footsteps behind her. Two adults were chasing her. Megan ran with her sister. But she was scared, so she started to scream. The light was red. They couldn’t stop. They ran into the street into oncoming traffic. No cars in the first lane. In the opposite direction, a vehicle came fast. They saw Megan and slammed on the brakes. Megan heard the tires squeal, she looked towards it. Not paying attention to her forward movement. Her right foot caught the sidewalk. Mel felt her sister falling, she was still holding her arm. She knew Megan would bash her head on the sidewalk. Melanie let her hand phase through Megan’s wrist. She moved instantly. She grabbed her sister from behind. She stopped her from hitting the ground at all. Their father upon hearing the noise ran outside. What he saw was confusing. Megan was floating. Something seemed to place her down gently. He went to his daughter and grabbed her.

“Are you hurt?” He said. Megan was crying. Mel stood up she looked. The Man and Woman ran back to the Mercedes.

“Honey, what happened?” He said.

“Melanie saw them, they were coming to get me.”

The blood drained out of his face and Melanie’s eyes widened. He asked the simple question first.

“Who was coming to get you?”

“I don’t know who they were, but they were chasing me and Mel.”

“Who’s Mel sweetheart.” He played dumb.

“My sister.”

He wondered how she could know this. That time was super confusing and emotional. On the one hand, it was a time to be happy. They had a perfectly healthy baby. When she came, she didn’t cry. She just stared at us. They just stared back. They didn’t name Megan yet. They had the nurse take her. Then we had the nurse place the dead child in her mother’s arms. The nurse argued that this was a terrible idea. He thought it was too. But his wife had carried this child. She loved her. She should be able to see her. He had never felt such perfect weakness. Mother was crying. He was too. Mother said. “We love you, Melanie.” The first thing he’d think of in the morning was that name. He wouldn’t contradict Megan. After all, it was true. He thought restlessly that his wife was going to kill him. He hugged Megan tightly. Had Melanie been here the whole time. Could he have spoken to her? Melanie was watching, she could feel him thinking about her. For the first time, she didn’t feel so completely alone. She wrapped her arms around his neck. She kissed him.

“I love you too, Daddy.” He felt her there. She had always been there.

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