In the small town of Eerie, thousands of people go about their normal activities during the day, markets are open, shops are making sales, and there is an unusually active police presence. At nightfall, this same town experiences abandoned desolate streets, darkness and total silence… Except for the howling, the chanting.  It begins as a whisper right behind you. Then it’s another voice from nowhere. All feminine voices. The voices increase in number and volume. The voices no longer whisper.

“My Baby.”

Now, they are screaming. Howling. A Cacophony of voices. The voices passionate, filled with inconsolable grief… Ghosts? I have heard voices, looked in the direction of the sound. Found nothing.  This is one reason why at night, Eerie becomes a ghost town.

Town used to be lively and habitable with an abundance of working-class people commuting from town to the city because of its low cost of living. Homes are cheap, food is cheap and because town falls between two big cities, people come from the city to buy raw food and goods for a better price. The Town was expanding in growth and wealth. That was until a rather extraordinary event took place. Pregnant Women began to employ midwives preferring to give birth at home rather than visit the hospital in the middle of the night. The reaction is not unreasonable.

One morning, before daybreak, commuters rushed from their homes to meet the only train that leaves the town for the city. As people came out of their houses, they saw a woman, lying face down, lifeless in a pool of her own blood. People gathered around her at a distance. When police arrived, they turned over the body and found her clothes and midsection torn and mangled. There was a gasp of revulsion, much of the crowd dispersed then. They found out the woman had been pregnant and her fetus has been forcefully removed from her belly. That was the beginning. There were more deaths before daybreak and after sundown. Always pregnant women, always after sunset. Even with the enforcement of a curfew, families began selling their homes and leaving town. But the houses didn’t sell. That’s when the voices started. Women believed to be ghosts in the middle of the night.



“My baby!”

When the citizens of town could no longer enjoy a good night’s sleep without being waked by the sound of ghosts, everybody left.  The town became a day only market place. Forbidden and perilous after nightfall.

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